fall inlove and fall apart (tragic___eyes) wrote in got__issues,
fall inlove and fall apart

Okay so yah i'm new here and i've been looking for something like this..well okay here it goes..i have a best friend and hes a guy and me and him have been close for a while and he got a girlfriend and i didnt think anything of it untill i started to relize i like him i mean me and him still talk even though i told him and the girl hes going out with always says all this stuff about him like once we were all in the locker room and someone said his name and she was like dont mention him i was like ugh and i serously think im starting to like him alot and i dont know what to do cause hes with this girl who like doesnt even deserve him :o/
oh yah and plus i thought i'd post a picture and let you know a little about Image hosted by Photobucket.com the one on the right with the dark hair
my name is sarah i'm 14 and im from nashua, NH

thanks everyone <3

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