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hi you guys im new here

my names orianna

i live in nashua nh

im 13 years old

alright i have two problems

1.  alright i like this kid but he went out with one of my friends and she knows i like him and everything and she doesnt care but now she is starting to like him again but she said she doesnt want me to be mad at her if they go out again and i wont be mad at her b/c she had him first but i dont know its so confusing because i dont want her to think i would be mad at her of course i would be upset but not with her with that fact that he has a girlfriend .. i dont know i need help

2. alright the other day 2 of my friends came up to me and asked me if i was bi-sexual and im not and i was kinda mad that people would say that about me b/c i dont talk to alot of people and then one of the other friends wrote me a note saying that she heard that i was a lesbian and that i liked her and she heard it from someone i havent even talked to in like a month and i dont know how to tell my friends that im straight without sounding like im being defensive and that i really am but i dont want to tell them ( just to anyone who might be gay ... lesbian ... bisexual ... didnt mean to offend you if i did i personally am just not like that)

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